The meaning of a dedicated life.

Henry, what you are doing is admirable, especially when you are swimming with the Sharks as we discussed this morning. You are young, running in High Gear, raising a family, doing all the extras beyond the City Council, Teaching, and at times you probably get home some nights, exhausted and say to yourself "Why am I doing this? The answer is because you, unlike most people, can do it. You probably have not read a lot of the works of Hunter S. Thompson. You should, but that's for a whole other conversation. So when you are all worn out, frustrated with dealing with a bunch of self serving, despicable Jack Asses, think about the quote below ( "Print it and use it as a model to keep driving hard") I have seen a lot of talent in my life, and you are a winner.. Regards, Bill

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
― Hunter S. Thompson

Bill Jennings
Resident, Taber Mills Apts.

As someone who lives in Henry's ward I would like to share the reason why without a doubt I will throw my support behind Mr Bousquet. Two years ago the utility companies were doing work on the road outside of my house (summer street). They accidently whacked my gas pipe and as a solution they put a line in my driveway with a giant cement poll in my which blocked 1/3 of my access in and out. I was livid . A gas line sticking out of my driveway 4 feet into the air 3 feet from the house, and a cement buoy. Looked like hell and very possible to hit. I felt it ruined my home and devalued the property. I went to city hall and they told me to call the newly elected ward counselor. I did, it was the first time I ever spoke with him. Henry came down immediately, He Agree it looked horrible and he sprung into action immediately. He made calls Got the right folks down to my property. He saw through to make sure a solution could be arrived at that worked for both the Gas Company and me as the owner. I was shocked At how quick Henry jumped into action and how much he cared about my situation. I really thought I was going to have a stroke over that situation, I couldn't sleep I hated the way it looked and I felt like my property was ruined. Thanks to Henry's quickness and commitment and knowing how to coordinate folks and knowing the right folks to call the problem was solved. I would also like to mention the next time I saw Henry it was for a fund raiser at the food pantry in downtown New Bedford. Souper Bowl Sunday. Henry made some soup and helped coordinate the kitchen for the event, and did some cooking. Didn't shock me, it seems to be the type of caring person he is. That's why I am voting for him! Thank you for caring Henry.

Michael Gemaly
Summer Street Resident

Thank you for all your hard work in making La Fete St.Jean Baptiste such a success. You played a large part in maintaining and perpetuating our Franco American Culture, we are continuing a PROUD tradition!


Raymond Patnaude

Hello Henry,,
Thank you for your prompt attention, and your support in addressing the issues we discussed at today's meeting relative to the residents concerns about the safety issues at the intersection of Brook Street and Coffin Avenue, as well as the unsightly, and potentially unsafe conditions at and around the City Owned parking lot on the North side of Coffin Avenue.

I will let all of the residents know of your prompt response, and your willingness to address their concerns. Please keep the lines of communication open Henry, and if you need anything from the us here, let me know and i will start the ball rolling.
Looks we made the right choice at the polls.
I will copy our management with this e-mail, as we discussed, Best regards, and thank you, Bill Jennings

William Jennings
Resident, Taber Mills Apts.

"I have seen Henry grow from a boy to a man, as we were in elementary school together from Kindergarten to High School. I don't know of a bigger humanitarian than this man.

As a child, I could sense Henry tried to care for others in a way like no one else did . And now I see him as a man, and he still has that glimmer in his eye wanting to help everyone he comes into contact with. I'm proud to say I know Henry Bousquet and, I know someday he will make a difference for all of us, in this wonderful city in which we live."

Steven Caton ~ New Bedford Resident

“I've got to know Henry Bousquet through the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Association and come to see his sincerity and passion to help make New Bedford's neighborhoods a safer place to live. When a neighbor and I went before the Traffic Commission to call attention to the problem of heavy traffic and speeders on Hathaway Road Henry willingly accompanied us and spoke to the commission on our behalf. “

Betty-Ann Chace-Albernaz 

“I've known Henry for upwards of two years. Many a'tale of his excellent character and general benevolence rung true as I witnessed these virtues  firsthand. Beyond myriad guests singing the praises of Chef Henry, it was his attention to detail and appreciation of life's finer things which inspire this recommendation. I would fight anyone who challenges this man's integrity. Excelsior!”

Carlton Cobb

“I have known Henry Bousquet for the last 10 years.
I know him to be a hard working and responsible man with an empathy for others and a strong sense of civic responsibility.”

Craig Lindell