Why Re-elect Henry Bousquet CEC?

I am writing to give the voters of Ward 3 the reasons why I think I earned another term as their elected representative.

First, I would like to thank the voters of Ward 3 for taking a chance on a new face two years ago and letting me realize my ambition of public service. It has been an exciting road with many new challenges and opportunities. Through it all I have learned how to be a better representative and learned what is truly important to the majority of New Bedford’s Voters.

I spent 6 months holding public office hours on Sundays at the Shawmut Diner on Shawmut avenue and Hathaway road in the early months of my tenure. Much to my disappointment, it wasn’t taken advantage of by the people of Ward 3. So I discontinued the practice and spent that time with my family instead. I have kept up with my Facebook page, responded to media whenever they had questions, and reached out to folks with information regarding upcoming events, news, and changes that would affect our Ward anytime I felt it was appropriate. To my delight, the people of Ward 3 reciprocated, getting me information and sending me inquiries regarding the neighborhoods. When they had a question, they called, when they needed a pot hole, street light fixed or public lot cleaned up, they called me. They called me and I responded, most times immediately, but always within a day. It has been my extreme pleasure to do so as well. My dedication to seeing that I meet the individual needs of my constituents while legislating with an eye towards New Bedford’s future, is driven by my passion to make a difference.

We got a large area of Robeson street resurfaced, with new sidewalks, and curbing thanks to the neighborhood activism of a gentleman we will call “Lucky”. And the hard work of Ron Labelle’s team at the DPI. These men and their talents also afforded the Association of Canadian Americans an opportunity to realize their dream of a decade long push to establish a memorial to the first French Canadian Roman Catholic Church in New Bedford, Sacred Heart Church and School. I am happy to say that I advocated, sponsored and carried this ball to the one yard line and our city crews and a volunteer by the name of Leon Halle made it happen. We will be dedicating this monument in June during the St.Jean the Baptiste Celebration.

As many of you know I have been the Mt.Pleasant Street Neighborhood Associations president and leader since 2007. I continue to serve in that role and enjoy every moment of it. I am proud to say that we are fiscally sound, and strong in numbers as many of our members continue to come to each meeting and advocate for the quality of life in their respective neighborhoods. I have also been working with the residents at Taber Mills to establish a resident council, crime watch group of their own to address the many issues posed by the growing and changing neighborhood around them.

A year ago the council was approached by a food truck operator who called our attention to the inequities of the laws on the books relative to the way we permitted food trucks in our city. James Oliviera Ward 1 councilor and I co-sponsored a motion to review the current language and I worked with Cory Hanks, the owner of Fenway Sausage Factory a city resident and home owner, to determine what would be amicable to the brick and mortar establishments that pay property taxes in our city and what would be fair operating rules for such a small business. Food Trucks are a foodservice trend sweeping the nation and another viable entrepreneurial possibility for the residents of New Bedford. I pledged to be business friendly when I took office and creating opportunities for synergistic business and tourism relationships is a big part of moving in that direction. I’m proud to say we have advertised the ordinance several times, it has been picked apart in committee and if the mayor signs it into law then it will be a way for food truck operators to enjoy success in our city.

I had a chance to take a vote to move the South Terminal Project forward and I supported the states investment of 100 million dollars in the south end of New Bedford. My hope is that this project will position New Bedford for more economic development opportunities in the near future. I supported the Waterfront Area Economic Development Overlay District, paving the way for easier zoning decisions for an area of our waterfront which badly requires reinvestment, the 33 acre NSTAR and Sprague Oil site. Perhaps, someday there will be a casino entertainment complex established here? I also supported the educators of New Bedford by voting for an increase in local funding for public education, the arts programming, and greater oversight of the schools budgeting process. Ensuring for the future, our students and teachers have the resources they need for a well rounded education.

I want to thank my wife Tee, and my daughters Phoebe and Payton for understanding what it is I do and why I do it; I hope you know how much I love you. I want New Bedford to have a brighter future for all my girls and for your families as well.
It has been an exciting term in office for me. My attendance at meetings has been stellar and my participation in the process on your behalf is something I take pride in. I look forward to the chance to serve New Bedford again for another two years. Check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Henry-Bousquet , my website www.henrybousquet.com or give me a call if you need anything 508-989-7487. I’m here for the residents of New Bedford. I love this job and promise to continue to get to work for you Ward 3! Go out and Vote on November 5th 2013.



  1. avatar Jason W. Crovello Says:

    May I say this gentleman, is the man for Ward 3. He is devoted to all the families of Ward 3. I have the privilege of knowing him and I have always known him to be honest and very hardworking and a commitment to excellence and a work ethic that is second to none.
    This gentleman has most assuredly earned a second term as Ward 3 City Councilor. He is a dedicated public servant, with a Passion for New Bedford.

  2. avatar Mildred Says:

    Tonucdowh! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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