The State of Ward 3

The State of Ward 3

Ward 3 is a diverse area of the city. It contains a wide range of properties. Industrial, commercial, residential; areas span the spectrum from Rockwell-ian suburban splendor to inner city two and three family housing, abandoned tenements, vacant mill space, and also encompasses the majority of the city’s public housing developments.

When I campaigned to become your Ward 3 councilor in 2011, I made a commitment, a promise to advocate, communicate, and respond to all of your concerns immediately. I have been available, ambitious and attentive to the needs of the citizens of Ward 3 and New Bedford. I really love this job!

I have been busy working on my Plan for Ward 3 in 2012 I have made and returned over 600 phone calls on behalf of and to residents of New Bedford. I have spoken to and worked with our legislative delegation in Boston and Washington DC to advocate on a number of concerns.

With the help of the hardworking city crews, and inspectors we got sidewalk sections repaired on Mt. Pleasant Street, Peckham Street, Mt.Vernon, Cedar Street, and Vine Streets. We helped businesses get important services. We worked with neighbors to resolve disputes, got trees trimmed, and playgrounds updated or on the list for an update.

As Chairman of the Environmental Affairs Committee I kept on top of the developing Parker Street Waste Site situation. The city is currently looking to bond for the remaining remediation at New Bedford High and has settled with two more home owners next to Keith Middle School.

I have kept up with my commitment to the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Association and continue to meet residents there every last Wednesday of the month because Community building is an important tenet of my plan. Our neighborhood groups are an essential component in the city’s web of services. After all, Community is a feeling, not a place.

Communication, my office hours, while not well attended went on for six months, twice a month at the Shawmut Diner. I had a meeting with Kenny Resendes from Holly Street some new territory for Ward 3 and a homeowner from Garfield street. Mostly it was afternoons of too much coffee and a lot of reading.

Cooperation is important to the role of city council. We have taken some controversial votes this year not the least of which was a pay increase. The councils first raise in 15 years. When I polled citizens they were surprised the council hadn’t got a raise in that long and supported the effort to attract professionals to an active role in government.

This spring I will need your help to bring to life the newest community development block grant funded Community Garden. The corner of Weld and County Street is the home of the city’s newest community garden project. Community Development, NorthStar Learning Center and the Mount Pleasant Street Neighborhood Association need you to help us bring the neighbors together growing food, flowers and pride. We will be running a contest with the students of Hayden Mac Fadden to name the lot. Its projects like these that make all the difference in our city.

The Blizzard of 2013, “Nemo” was my first real test as an elected official. I have to say, I received dozens of phone calls at all hours of the day and night. I then had the opportunity to exemplify and personify community service by digging people out, pushing vehicles who were stuck, and even had the occasion to drive constituents to work. At the same time I observed you, Mr. and Mrs. New Bedford, doing the very same things caring for your neighbors, strangers and friends alike. I am so very proud to be from this hardworking city, Great job New Bedford!  Also, a big thank you to all of our hard working public safety officials, public works drivers, foreman, and laborers for doing the best you can to keep us safe despite the herculean task set forth by “Nemo”.

As a community we can combat crime, grime, and improve quality of life by being vigilant about the removal of graffiti, the cleanup of trash, and by reporting suspicious people/vehicles in and around our neighborhoods to the police department. It’s only as a whole, can we improve these things for the individual.

Please consider me your representative and I humbly ask for your vote in November 2013. Thank you New Bedford.

Contact me at,, or 508-989-7487.



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