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As a resident of Ward 3 for more than 11 years, I have seen this area quickly deteriorate under our current ward councilor, Kathy Dehner. She has been MIA ever since winning her seat 4 years ago.

Absent at most council meetings. Invisible in her public public appearances. Unresponsive to phone calls and messages left. Out of touch with its residents.

I live on Mount Pleasant street. There is a 5 block area, beginning East of Mount Pleasant on Clark street, that has seen a dramatic increase in crime, illicit drugs (transfer of drugs from apartments to waiting cars can be seen daily, in broad daylight), filth and trash as well as a total deterioration of the surrounding properties, many of them owned by absentee landlords. The area looks like a third world country. All one has to do is drive by the Clarkwood apartments to see that the property (and many others around it) should have been condemned many hears ago. It should be noted that Kathy Dehner owns property within this area.

Kathy Dehner’s opponent in the upcoming election for the Ward 3 council seat, Henry Bousquet has been chided by her and most recently in the last call taken by Mr. Bousquet in the recently aired live debate on WBSM, for his description of the area of Ward 3, using “gritty and “uniquely populated” within that description. The word gritty has three definitions. The one Mr. Bousquet chose the first definition, which is “courageous, resolute and determined. As to the term “uniquely populated”, well, anyone who knows New Bedford’s storied history knows that term very well. It is our diversity, which extends all the way back to our whaling heritage that makes New Bedford unique. As to our grit, well, that too has been a part of the citizenry of New Bedford. Grit is what made this the richest city in the world during that time and continues to this day.

Kathy recently showed up on the city council floor, only to make a false claim against Mr. Bousquet, in a pathetic attempt to slander him just before the elections. Her claim that he catered an event at the Days Inn, illegally using the students, the school’s food and kitchen, in his own blue truck (gasp!).

After four years of ineptitude, THIS is what she brings to the council floor? Not only has Mr. Bousquet’s supervisors at GNB VOC TECH dismissed these claims, stating that they knew about the affair being serviced for a colleague of Mr. Bousquet’s, but they also explained that he had paid for the food out of his own pocket, using suppliers other than those used by the school. As for the students, its my understanding they were hired by the bride and not Mr. Bousquet, as if giving them a chance to experience a live event outside of the classroom and make a few bucks ,would really be all that bad.

Mrs. Dehner’s claim becomes even more troubling, as she is supposedly the manager at the Day’s Inn.

As the manager, should she have not known about this affair and how it was being handled?

It seems to me that any good manager of an establishment that hosts banquets and large affairs would know who and what was on the schedule, as well as the details of the event being held. It seems that Kathy is not only out of touch with her ward 3 constituents, she seems to be out of touch with her job as well. This is not what the residents of this ward deserve. We need a clear voice with open representation from a councilor that will work for the constituents of the ward. Someone who will listen to our concerns and have a strong presence on the city council floor. I believe that Henry Bousquet is that person.

His experience as a past small business owner, teacher, public servant and volunteer, as well as his deep knowledge of the inner workings of New Bedford’s political arena and business environment make him uniquely qualified for the ward 3 council seat. Henry has that fine quality that has made New Bedford strong and kept us moving forward. That quality is called grit.

Lance Gunberg

Resident , Ward 3

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