A Plan for Ward 3


A Plan for Ward 3

Ward 3 is the most uniquely populated ward in the city. It contains areas of industrial and commercial properties. Its residential areas span the spectrum from Rockwell-ian suburban splendor to gritty inner city row housing, abandoned three tenements, and encompass the majority of the city’s public housing developments.

There are areas of Ward 3 that exist in total despair. Drug dealing and signs of gang activity are normal occurrences for the residents who in some cases have watched their neighborhoods get swallowed up by blight and broken windows.

Together with a viable leader the people of Ward 3 can improve these neighborhoods.

Here is my plan for Ward 3.

Community building can be the solution to many of the ills of our city. It’s time for us to come out of our houses and down from our third floor porches and connect with each other. Open conversations with neighbors can lead to solving problems with your neighborhood. It’s worked in neighborhoods before; maintenance of these relationships does require effort. You must make a conscious decision to connect daily or at least weekly with the people who live next to you. Pick a day to clean the street together. Invite each other to a back yard barbecue one day; help each other with yard work. A simple afternoon on the front porch relaxing and talking about your families can create a greater sense of community in a very short time. Volunteer together at Operation Clean Sweep, attend a community meeting, or help out at your church.

Community is a feeling, not a place.

Communication is the key to success. As your Ward 3 representative and a neighbor myself it would be my pleasure to sit on your front porch and talk about the neighborhood. In an effort to provide you with that kind of service, I have made arrangements with the owners of the Shawmut Diner in order to hold office hours twice a month at their establishment, located on the corner of Shawmut Ave and Hathaway Road. I will be available to hear your concerns every other Sunday, Noon to 2pm, starting the Sunday after I’m sworn in.

Cooperation is important to the role of city council. But it does not require that the individual go along to get along. I will be a strong voice in the decision making. Always voicing the concerns of the residents of Ward 3 and doing what’s best for the taxpaying citizens of our city.

It’s important to seek resources for ward concerns and as your city councilor I will do that with greater access than I have now as a community leader. In this day and age when budgets are shrinking due in large part to the burdensome healthcare costs, and retirement contributions it may be more important than ever to make sure we are getting our share of our tax money back for things like road repair, improved signage and neighborhood lighting.

This spring you’ll see some community development block grant funding being applied to enrich and improve a blighted neighborhood in Ward 3. The corner of Weld and County Street will be the home to the city’s newest community garden project. Community Development, NorthStar Learning Center and the Mount Pleasant Street Neighborhood Association have joined forces to cultivate this property and bring the neighbors together growing food, flowers and pride. Its projects like these that make all the difference in our city.

I promise to advocate, communicate, and respond to all your concerns immediately. I’m available, ambitious and excited about the opportunity to see this plan through.

As a community we can combat crime, grime, and improve quality of life by being vigilant about the removal of graffiti, the cleanup of trash, and by reporting suspicious people/vehicles in and around our neighborhoods to the police department. Its only as a whole, can we improve these things for the individual.

Contact me at www.henrybousquet.com, Henry@henrybousquet.com, or 508-989-7487.



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