Education, since I’m an educator is on my list of very important issues. It’s not just important however, it’s critical that we give our children and young adults the tools they need to succeed in a global economy.

I believe that teaching a true 21st Century student means we need to teach them about respect and the importance of work ethic in addition to the three R’s. We need to encourage the teaching of science and our marine heritage as well as the wealth of our diverse local history.

I don’t think you have to give them an unlimited palette of behavioral choices, or the opportunity to be lawless in order for them to LEARN something. We must provide them structure and organization in order to inspire them to learn.

We also need to provide them with knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers who will love them. Not coddle them. Provide them with accurate, adequate information and the discipline necessary to become a lifelong learner. And, those teachers need the freedom to interact with families, and the resources and support to adequately do the job.

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  1. avatar Rakeshg Says:

    Hi Danny, I too smiled when I read Bernie’s cnmemot about his new community. Those of us who proudly came of age in the 60s often have a latent longing for living in a commune, a community of people. I do. My only experience was living for some weeks on Kibbutz Tel Josef in Israel in 1971. That way of life made so much sense to me. It was about living and working together and sharing resources. Thank you Bernie for the enlightening thought a new community of elders awaits me.And thank you Danny for a place to find and share these new ideas. Susanna

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