Crime and Grime

Ward 3 is the most uniquely populated ward in the city. It contains areas of industrial and commercial properties, some well taken care of, some are eyesores. Its residential areas span the spectrum from Rockwellian suburban splendor to gritty inner city row housing, abandoned three tenements, and trash strewn and graffiti marred public and private property.

There are areas of Ward 3 that live in total despair. Drug dealing and gang banging are normal sights for the residents who in some cases have watched their neighborhoods get swallowed up by the blight and broken windows.

But together the people of Ward 3 can take back those neighborhoods by getting to know their neighbors, attending their neighborhood meetings and keeping their own properties well groomed. After all, a movement like this can be contagious. I’d like to establish a Ward by Ward pride campaign led by the city, aided by neighborhood leaders at Neighborhoods United and the people of Operation Clean Sweep.

As a community we can combat crime and grime by being vigilant about the removal of graffiti, the cleanup of trash, and by reporting suspicious people/vehicles in and around our neighborhoods to the police department. Its only as a whole, can we improve the quality of life for the individual.

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